Provide quality education with appropriate standards and well-funded schools. Fern Smith supports school choice and the rights of parents to know what their children are being taught. We need less government control. Fern supports local control and parents should have input regarding their children’s education.

Affordable Healthcare

Fern Smith will work to help you obtain quality and affordable healthcare. She will restrain government overreach and allow people to choose their own healthcare coverage. It is best to have a healthcare system that empowers patients and doctors to determine the medical procedures that are needed. We need to set policies so healthcare costs do not rise out of control.

Economic Security

Fern Smith supports allowing people to go back to work as soon as possible. She cares about all of the people who have lost their job and the economic problems they are facing. Government should encourage business growth and free markets by eliminating cumbersome regulations and burdensome taxes. Fern believes in less government, less government spending and less government overreach into our lives.

Right to Life

Fern Smith will work to protect the right to life for the unborn from conception to birth. We must protect the life of children who are born alive after an abortion was not successful. Fern is opposed to taxpayer funding of abortions. Adoption is the loving alternative to abortion.

Strong Families

Fern Smith believes children are best raised by their mom and dad living together in a life-long marriage. Studies have shown the benefits to children when they are raised by a mother and a father. At the same time, we must help single parents, foster parents, and grandparents, succeed in their desire to raise healthy children.